Thursday, July 15, 2010

being broke.

my style has changed SOOOOOOOOOO much in the past 2 years, even in this past year.. but it sucks because you would NEVER be able to tell.. because i can't shop to revamp my wardobe.. which means i can't give away any of my current clothes.. because i would have nothing to wear! .. so i am currently wearing clothes that i hate.. i hate 99.9% of things in my closet.. UGH..

there are sooooooo many things that i would LOVE to be able to buy.. i hate being broke.. the best part is.. that everyone that doesn't know me.. thinks i'm spoiled.. like.. FYI- i don't even have a car right now.. i'm saving up to buy anything that runs.. HAHA! i'm paying for my own school.. my cell.. I NEVER GET MONEY TO SHOP.. my parents don't give me ANYTHING haha.. my Nana gives me money to shop sometimes.. but i usually spend most of it on sadly.. FOOD!

ps. yes, i have a job... there just isn't enough money left over after i pay for things/ put money aside.. to use for shopping ***SIGHHHHH**


I LOVE Lauren Conrad with brown hair... I think instead of wearing this wig.. she should just go for it and dye it... I like the cut too

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


so.. as you can see.. i got a blog!.. i wonder how long this is going to last! i've wanted one for a WHILE... but now that i have one let's see if i can handle it.. so far.. i have NO IDEA what i am doing! HAHA! this should be fun.. talk to you later ! xo